Day 1

A Consumers Guide to SRBI and SLD Rule


Systems of SRBI and Assessment

    • Old criteria vs. new criteria
    • Defining adequate growth
    • Key components of systems of assessment

Core Instruction

    • Selecting effective screening tools
    • Scientifically research based interventions vs evidenced based interventions
    • Differentiated instruction

Tier 2 – Targeted Group Interventions

    • Components of effective instruction
    • Skills vs. strategies
    • Screening vs. progress monitoring

Webinar Study Guides

Systems of SRBI and Assessment
Core Instruction
Tier 2 – Targeted Group Interventions

SLD Rule and Criteria Language

MDE SLD Criteria
Scaffolded SLD rule Vetted

System Level RTI Implementation Job Aides

Are You Ready?
Stages Chart

Region 10 Webinar  Resources

Core Instruction

Hierarchy of Interventions
Matching Need to Intervention – Discussion Question
Problem Solving – Programs and Systems

Tier II Targeted Intervention

Components of Effective Interventions
Student Graph Slides

Job Aides

Choosing SRBI’s
Good Resources in SLD Manual
SLD observation form

Other Resources

Systems of SRBI & Assessment Participant materials
Choosing SRBI’s
SRBI Powerpoint
Scientifically-based Reading Instruction resources from Reading Well by 3rd grade
RTI Implementation Timetable
Video: Academic Success for All Students; A Multi-Tiered Approach
Intro to SRBI for Administrators

Problem Solving Team Resources

SST Intervention Form
SST Process
SST Referral Form
SST Review Form